War Z: Time-Outs, Maintenance, and Crashing

Well, after a week of ups and downs, such as time-outs, server maintenance and plain-old crashing, The War Z servers are up and seem to be fixed!

With maintenance completed, the servers look to be in good shape, at least for now. And as a plus, players are to be receiving something special from the Devs this weekend for hanging in there through the craziness after “The Wipe”.

Sweet, I wonder what it is…

Also, you should have realized the patch yesterday that included:

  • Engine optimizations.
  • Fixed a bunch of crashes.
  • Lots of map fixes.
  • Animation fixes.
  • Double barrel shotgun added.
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing the use night vision after removing goggles.
  • You can now move the camera around after you die.

Source: The War Z Forums